City Slicker Farms

West Oakland Farm Park (WOFP)
Community Garden

The community garden consists of 28 plots that are fully managed by community members. Participants can take advantage of the all the supplies and support at the farm. At this time, the community garden is full.

Community garden program participants provide volunteer service at the farm in exchange for their growing space. They also participate in seasonal garden workshops and workdays specifically designed for community garden participants.

The WOFP Garden is full at the moment. You may complete a general inquiry form to request to be on a wait list.

Community Garden Plot Wait List

Community Partner Gardens

In partnership with local agencies, we install and maintain high-yield urban gardens in communities where access to healthy and affordable food is not secure. Our partnerships include Alameda County Nutrition Services, SAHA, EBALD-C, Eden Housing, and other residential organizations that work with vulnerable communities.

Our garden partner program includes: garden installation, seasonal maintenance, agriculture-related workshops, and cooking/nutrition demonstrations.

Partnerships like these allow us to expand our services to other food-insecure communities across Alameda County.

4-H Club at City Slicker Farms

4‑H is delivered by Cooperative Extension—a community of more than 100 public universities across the nation that provides experiences where young people learn by doing. Kids complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture and citizenship, in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles.

Kids experience 4‑H in every county and parish in the country—through in-school and after-school programs, school and community clubs and 4‑H camps.

It's pretty special to have our own urban farm 4-H Club. If you're interested in joining or supporting, email our City Slicker Farms 4-H Club

4-H Project Schedule for 2018/19

"Using Products from the Farm"

Project Name:
Project Date:
Zuchini Cooking Demo
October 6
Making Yaro Herbal Salve
October 20
Cottage Products with Farm Honey
November 3

Group Workday (is the best!)

Our group workday programs offers organizations an opportunity to provide team building and professional development while giving back to the community.

Work includes a variety of small-farm chores. We often need help with carpentry and larger projects that support residents across Alameda County.

Group workdays are an essential part of our earned-income strategy. Many organizations spend a day working with us and also contribute towards the group project expense. Many of these same organizations offer matching donation programs and/or paid volunteer hours.

As we find creative ways to weather the business climate, we find valulabe corporate and private business partners who partner with us. Complete the form below to request a workday. Thank You.

Complete Form to Request Workday

Educational Tours and School Visits

Due to construction of an apartment building on the adjoining lot, we are unable to offer many of our educational programs. We expect to restart the tour program once construction is completed.

Please check our websites for updates or sign up to receive our newsletter.

We regret this inconvenience but safety is our first priority. Thank you for understanding.

Volunteer at City Slicker Farms

Ally Program:

Our Allyship offers opportunities for aspiring urban farmers, enthusiasts, and community-minded individuals an opportunity to learn and/or practice urban ag-related skills.

Allies commit to at least a 3-month/1 season, work at least 80 hours, and work to develop their interests into practical skills related to horticulture, animal care, carpentry, irrigation, pest control, soil maintenance, composting, etc.

Drop-In Volunteer:

Work includes a variety of small-farm chores. We often need help with carpentry and larger projects that support residents across Alameda County.

Special Project Volunteers:

Be notified when we have builds or special projects. Each year we build more than a dozen off-site community garden projects. Additional help is needed with carpentry, bed and irrigation installation, and morale. Join Us!

All volunteers must complete a one-time registration before providing any volunteer service. Registration and waiver form can be found below.

Please read before submitting form

  1. I agree to act as a volunteer or program participant for City Slicker Farms. As a volunteer, I understand that I control the dates and times when I do the work and that City Slicker Farms is not responsible for scheduling my volunteer work. I also understand that I will not be compensated for any time spent volunteering, nor am I entitled to benefits, including employment insurance benefits upon the termination of this agreement or as a result of this service.
  2. I am aware that participation as a volunteer may require physical activity and will require the exercise of reasonable care to avoid injury. I am voluntarily participating in this activity with knowledge of the hazards and potential dangers involved, and agree to accept any and all risks of personal injury and property damage.
  3. As consideration for volunteering for City Slicker Farms, I hereby agree that I, and my assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives, will not make a claim against or sue City Slicker Farms or its employees, agents or contractors for injury or damage resulting from the negligence, whether active or passive, or other acts, however caused, by any of its officers, employees, agents, or contractors of City Slicker Farms as a result of my volunteering. I hereby release and discharge city slicker farms and its officers, employees, agents and contractors from all actions, claims, or demands that i, my heirs, guardians, and legal representatives now have, or may have in the future, for injury or damage resulting from my participation in the project.
  4. I understand that if i am injured in the course of the project, I am not covered by City Slicker Farms’ workers’ compensation program. I authorize City Slicker Farms to seek emergency medical treatment on my behalf in case of injury, accident or illness to me arising from my involvement as a volunteer. I understand that I will be responsible for medical costs incurred by such accident, illness or injury.
  5. I understand that the materials and tools provided by City Slicker Farms are and remain the property of City Slicker Farms, and I agree to return these tools and any remaining materials to City Slicker Farms at the end of my volunteer service
  6. I understand that City Slicker Farms may produce video and/or photos in which I appear for educational/promotional purposes. I hereby authorize City Slicker Farms to use the images for non-commercial purposes.
  7. I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability, and sign it of my own free will.

Community Is What Community Does

  • Start volunteering at 10am
  • Learn/practice a skill
  • Have lunch
  • Listen to music
  • See old friends
  • Meet new friends
  • Be part of our community

If any of this sounds interesting, we'd like to have you join us the last Saturday of each month for our community day. We will host drop-in volunteers, do some chores, eat some victuals together, laugh, and talk.