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Welcome Home, Jerome!

In early spring 2018 City Slicker Farms received an offer from Mills College to purchase a compact tractor. The expense was not in the budget, but the need was severe. One wheelbarrow full of soil can weigh over 100 pounds. Imagine moving it around all day.

We reached out to our community of supporters through a Barnraiser crowdfunded campaign, et voila, we now have a tractor!

City Slicker Farms extends a huge thank you to our incredible donors who helped us purchase our beautiful new tractor, Jerome. The name? The tractor inherits its name from the father of one of our long-time supporters. Patti shared her beautiful childhood memories of Minnesota road trips that included the obligatory look-see at the John Deere dealership. Thanks for sharing the memory with us, Patti.

We are truly thankful to all the individuals and business community members who chipped in. The tractor was delivered in June and is doing well on its bio-fuel diet.

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Upcoming Events

Medicinal Herb Workshops:

This event has passed

Community Day:

Come out, volunteer, and learn. All skill levels welcome.
September 29, 10am to 3pm

County Ag Day:

Youth from around the county will visit to learn about agriculture.
October 25, More details later.

Harvest Festival:

Mark your calendar for our yearly celebration of the harvest.
October 27, 11am to 3pm