Drop-In Volunteer Program

We are happy to announce that the Saturday drop-in volunteer program resumes on May 12, 2018. We recently experienced significant renovations at the farm. Therefore, much of the necessary work will include moving soil/compost, rebuilding planting beds, laying irrigation, weeding, and various other heavy chores.

We really appreciate all the assistance we receive from volunteers and are thrilled to welcome you back.

Hours: 10am - 3pm

  • Welcome to the West Oakland Farm Park, home of City Slicker Farms 

  • Farm-to-table nutrition demonstrations that promote community health.

  • Long term mentorship and suppport for community garden projects.

  • Meaningful hands-on learning activities for youth groups.

  • Growing delicious & healthy food with the community.

Our Belief

At City Slicker Farms, we believe that healthy, affordable food is a universal human right. This belief is demonstrated daily through our work with individuals, community groups, and other like-minded organizations to develop and support high-yield urban farms and community gardens. Our program participants learn to grow nutritious vegetables and cook delicious meals for themselves and their families, using time-tested, cost-effective, and environmentally sound methods.