The farm is open Monday through Friday from 12pm to 4pm during the winter months.

Community Garden The community garden has 28 plots for neighbors who want to grow their own plants. It’s a fun way to be outside, make friends, and eat delicious food!
We start our plants from seeds in our greenhouse. The plastic walls keep the air warm and humid, perfect for baby plants.
Rainwater Harvest Tank
We collect rainwater from our roof, which is stored in this 2800-gallon tank. Rainwater can be used for watering plants, doing laundry, and all sorts of household chores.
Workshop & Tool Shed
Our power tools and garden tools are stored in this area. Many of the tools are used on a daily basis and need to be accessible at all times.
Compost Station
We use compost to improve our soil and provide nutrients for our crops. Our compost is made from straw, food scraps from local restaurants and our farm and animal waste.
Chicken Coop
Our happy hens live in this beautiful coop and produce eggs for our Saturday Farmstand. We have many different breeds of chickens, and they lay different colored eggs -- including green!
Rabbit Hutch
The rabbit hutches keeps Chance the Rabbit protected from the elements. The hutch is located inside the rabbit run, where Chance can get some exercise.
Bee Apiary
Our apiary contains four hives. Our honey bees forage on the beneficial plants, pollinate other plants, and produce honey.
A variety of fruit trees are growing in our orchard. The trees are fairly young and haven't started producing much fruit yet.
Vegetable Garden
Community members and partner groups help us maintain our seasonable vegetable garden. We grow during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.
Herb Garden
Our herb garden contains culinary herbs used for cooking/seasoning food and medicinal herbs for making natural remedies.
Demo Kitchen
We offer cooking demonstrations that feature our seasonal vegetables cooked in nutritious and simple ways. We use induction burners and LP gas grill for cooking demonstrations.
Outdoor Classroom
We offer a number of workshops throughout the year. The gathering space for most workshops is located in the outdoor classroom.
Tractor Barn
The tractor barn is the home of Jerome, our compact John Deere farm tractor