City Slicker Farms

The Gem of West Oakland

The farm is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm. Even if we look busy, feel free to show yourself around the farm.
Community Garden The community garden has 28 plots for neighbors who want to grow their own plants. It’s a fun way to be outside, make friends, and eat delicious food!
We start our plants from seeds in our greenhouse. The plastic walls keep the air warm and humid, perfect for baby plants.
Rainwater Harvest Tank
We collect rainwater from our roof, which is stored in this 2800-gallon tank. Rainwater can be used for watering plants, doing laundry, and all sorts of household chores.
Workshop & Tool Shed
Our power tools and garden tools are stored in this area. Many of the tools are used on a daily basis and need to be accessible at all times.
Compost Station
We use compost to improve our soil and provide nutrients for our crops. Our compost is made from straw, food scraps from local restaurants and our farm and animal waste.
Chicken Coop
Our happy hens live in this beautiful coop and produce eggs for our Saturday Farmstand. We have many different breeds of chickens, and they lay different colored eggs -- including green!
Rabbit Hutch
The rabbit hutches keeps Chance the Rabbit protected from the elements. The hutch is located inside the rabbit run, where Chance can get some exercise.
Bee Apiary
Our apiary contains four hives. Our honey bees forage on the beneficial plants, pollinate other plants, and produce honey.
A variety of fruit trees are growing in our orchard. The trees are fairly young and haven't started producing much fruit yet.
Vegetable Garden
Community members and partner groups help us maintain our seasonable vegetable garden. We grow during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.
Herb Garden
Our herb garden contains culinary herbs used for cooking/seasoning food and medicinal herbs for making natural remedies.
Demo Kitchen
We offer cooking demonstrations that feature our seasonal vegetables cooked in nutritious and simple ways. We use induction burners and LP gas grill for cooking demonstrations.
Outdoor Classroom
We offer a number of workshops throughout the year. The gathering space for most workshops is located in the outdoor classroom.
Tractor Barn
The tractor barn is the home of Jerome, our compact John Deere farm tractor

We're Continuing to Develop Our Land

When the West Oakland Farm Park opened in 2016, we considered this to be the completion of Phase I. Having passed our two-year anniversary, we've had opportunities to assess the needs of our program participants, neighbors, community and business groups. Our ultimate goal is to prioritize our mission work while transforming the West Oakland Farm Park into a true community center. Here are a few of the program and facility upgrades we're working on to achieve in the coming months and years.
Animal Area Expansion
Our youth programs, 4-H Club in particular, need hands-on learning opportunities that animal care/husbandry provide. Our overall program envisions goats, laying hens, rabbits, and the pollinators.
Enclosed Classroom
Our programs extend through the winter months. Younger groups are not often accustomed to being outdoors for extended periods. An enclosed space for 20 -25 adults will be adequate for workshops, meetings, and other gatherings.
Renovate Nutrition Demo Kitchen
Our current kitchen fits four to six people comfortably. Many of our classes and workshops are much larger. We hope to provide regular classes and demos once the necessary enhancement are completed.
Add Children's Garden
The West Oakland Farm Park is popular with families and schools in the community. Many of our program participants have young children. As an upcoming 2019 project, we hope to include all our youth group and school partners in the development of the garden.
Redesign/Repurpose Perimeter Landscape
We are consulting with landscape designer and other project participants to create a long-term growing strategy for the perimeter. Because of the nature of the work and timing, this is a project best suited for winter.
Gradual Improvements to Irrigation/Drainage Systems
Water is vital to our survival. And so is being economical. We are constantly refining our water use/re-use practices. We have the capacity to store 3,000 gallons of rainwater. We're striving for a minimum of 10,000.
Compost Production Increase
Retaining the nutrients on our site is the first step. We also find value in receiving clean carbon and nitrogen inputs locally. Soil maintenance is top priority.
Overall Improvements to Workplace
The staff and volunteers put in long hours during growing season. It makes sense to have the workplace be functional and comfortable. We're constantly adding/upgrading administrative, storage, and leisure spaces to improve the environment overall.

Need a Place For Your Next Event?

In addition to being a great community farm park, the space also serves as a great event facility. Consider planning your next event with us.
Type of Event:
Facility Use:
Daytime Staff/Company Retreats/Meetings
There is ample outdoor space (some covered) to host meetings and other small gatherings of up to 40 people. The are two restrooms on site (cleaned daily). There is also free WiFi on our guest network. There are fees associated with this service.
After-hours Private Rentals for Parties/Dinners
If your guest list exceeds 40, additional tables and chairs can be rented for larger events. Catering services and DJ services can be brought in for such celebrations. There are fees associated with this service.
Weekend Childrens' Birthday Party Reservations
We welcome our community members and program participants who wish to celebrate childrens' birthdays at our facility. For parties of 25 or less, there is no fee. We do, however, gladly accept donations from those who wish to contribute to our non-profit work.
Other Special Events
There are other community events that might not come to our attention, but we're open to exploring all sort of event opportunities that bring communities and families closer together.

Please check back in the spring. We are not offering rentals at this time. Thank You.